Let me tell you why today is SO special...

Daune Ortiz

First and foremost...Happy Solstice to you!

Does it feel like today is longer than usual and not just because its a Monday? If so, your feelings are right on the money because it is the longest day of 2016!  There is at least 17 hours of light on this day...we should be celebrating! How often do we get the sun for extra time? It's BONUS time! The sun won't set until just after 10:30 PM Central tonight!  "Solstice" (Latin: 'solstitium') means 'sun-stopping. It certainly will feel like that as the day moves on. But actually the sun is just rising and setting in a different position than normal causing the hours that the sun is up to be extended.  This year the summer solstice is even more special...there's a full moon. This full moon coinciding with summer solstice is called "The Strawberry moon "or "Rose moon". To give you an idea of just how special these two things are and that they are happening on the same day...the last time this occurred it was 1967 and the next time it will happen again is 2062.  The strawberry moon is the 4th full moon in the season and is named after the all the strawberries that are harvested this month. Lucky us that we get to experience this! 

Many cultures celebrate today by honoring the earth with parades, dances and even bonfires. So, get outside today! Enjoy the extra hours of light and celebrate maybe even dance a little! 


Peave, Love & Style

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