Comfort Zone madness!

Daune Ortiz

Are you familiar with this place? You know the boring place, the place where normal happens, a place where you're in control, at ease, familiar but also the place where no magic happens. Many of us are and that's okay.....for now.  Saying this out-loud, I see why people stay here...leaving this zone creates anxiety and your focus changes. Let's think for just one moment though, what if there was a level of anxiety that has you operate on a superior level? Let us take a step back for a second....Why are we even speaking of this so called "Comfort Zone"?  Well, many people are afraid to try something new; take a risk. Many follow the same crowd rather than walking their own path. We are speaking on a fashion level, however, the same can be said in all areas of your life. Back to superior levels of anxiety....I have heard that if you reach outside your comfort level regardless of the situation and the result is anxiety then you tend to operate on a optimum or superior level and exceed your very own expectations. And like anything there is always that limit we reach where the stress or anxiety becomes so overwhelming that your mental and/or physical capacity and how you operate will decline and at a rapid pace. We all have this limit, it's up to each of us to find it. This all goes for picking out your wardrobe! 

Try not to go so much with the crowd on your choices...really be you and what you want to reflect. Don't be afraid to wear those flare jeans! Why not? Try something could surprise yourself.  And for goodness sake DO NOT NOT WEAR SOMETHING BECAUSE SOCIETY SAYS YOU ARE TO YOUNG OR TO OLD FOR IT!  It's not society's place to dictate what we controls enough already. If you wake up in the morning and put something on that makes you radiate positive vibes, then own it...You deserve it!  Apply this thinking outside your wardrobe too and you are sure to live happy!

Always F.L.Y.

The Salted Hippie Chicks

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