Cheers to ME!

Daune Ortiz

2017 is upon us....Are you the "New Year, New Me" type? Or do you just go through new years like, "Meh!"  Maybe you're the type that has absolutely nothing they'd like to change...if this is you, I'll be raising my Champagne glass to you on New Years Eve!

Actually, I'll be raising it to me!

Every year I tend to make the same resolutions and it's always about my weight or my finances. Loose more, Save more. Its a cycle that Ive been stuck in and quite frankly I never win. This year I am going to try something a little different. Who knows maybe you'll want to try it too. Let's FALL IN LOVE with ourselves this year. Sounds korny, i know.  I can honestly say, I've never done this but I've also never tried.  I constantly belittle myself, make myself feel unworthy, not pretty, unintelligent and so many more negative adjectives I could go on forever. I can't be the only one... Why do we do this to ourselves?

It's a fact that women more than men are more generous and kind to others rather than themselves. Sometimes I feel like we are pressured to believing that other people are more important than us. But the truth of the matter is that if we don't love and take care of ourselves before anyone else then we simply cannot give to others in a deep meaningful way. We miss out on deep meaningful connections and relationships with others when we don't see ourselves as worthy or we don't feel confident in who we are. We give them the fake, us. Not the true, real, amazing, us.  We put so much pressure on ourselves as women to be the "perfect", mom, wife, friend, girlfriend or women that when we don't live up to these expectations that we've set, we see it as failure thus leading to low self-esteem. The love we have for ourselves is either nonexistent or a roller coaster ride and for goodness sake you'd better buckle up!! 

It's time we start to be compassionate and kind to ourselves. It's time to accept that we aren't perfect and no one person/women or even human is. We just aren't. Once we accept this maybe things will start to fall into place a bit easier and we can truly learn to love the things that everyone sees in us. Treat yourself like you treat your best girlfriend.   Be kind to her, be supportive when she needs you, love her for the simple reason that she exist.

If we do this I am sure it will have a ripple effect.  You may begin to exercise because it's good for your soul and your body. You may find yourself saving money because you deserve that island vacation. Who knows...maybe you find yourself forgiving those who have wronged you because you realize life is to awesome to hold unhealthy grudges. You could find yourself having much more sincere relationships with those around you because you suddenly realize how remarkable you actually are. You deserve these deep connections of love and compassion.  You are worthy of an out of this world life just as you are.

This New years eve be sure to toast to yourself because your are flipping' awesome!!

Now hurry up....go love is just too dang short!!!


Cheers to ME!!!!

Peace and Love

The Salted Hippie

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